History of Canada Dry Lansing


Louis Shanker and his wife Sarah came to the United States separately from Russia and Poland before World War I. Sarah was 15 when she arrived in America, the youngest of seven children. All her siblings, as well as her parents, were later killed in a Nazi concentration camp. Louis and Sarah got married, and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. After the repeal of Prohibition, they moved to Lansing and Louis started distributing Buckeye Beer.

Louis and his cousin Morris Weinstein purchase assets of Hire-Klas Bottling Co. Changed the company name to Hi-Klas Beverage Co.

Louis’ son, Jack Shanker, joins the company full-time after graduating from high school.

Hi-Klas Beverages finally acquires rights to bottle Dr. Pepper; sales eventually reach almost 100,000 cases annually.

Jack Shanker becomes president of the company after serving in WWII, providing the second generation of Shanker leadership.

Company “trades” Dr. Pepper brand for rights to bottle Canada Dry beverages. Name changed to Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Jack's son Larry Shanker joins Canada Dry Bottling Co. full-time.

8,000 independent beverage distributors operate nationwide; more than 100 independent beverage distributors in Michigan.

Faygo Beverages of Detroit added to brand portfolio.

Bottling operations have ceased, distribution becomes the full-time operation. Company moves to Pierson Highway in Delta Township.

Jack Shanker “officially” retires after 50 years in the soda business. During his tenure, CDry Lansing bottled and/or distributed the following flavors: Hi-Klas Cherry Strawberry, Hi-Klas Orange, Hi-Klas Slender, Hi-Klas Sparkling Water, Bubble-Up, Dad’s Root Beer, Double Cola, Frostie Root Beer, Hubba Bubba, No-Cal Cola, No-Cal Shape-Up, and WINK to name a few.  Larry Shanker becomes president of the company that year, providing third-generation of Shanker leadership.

Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing named “Distributor-of-the Year” by Faygo Beverages.

Randy Shanker leaves Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Chicago and officially joins Canada Dry Bottling Co.

Company celebrates 65th anniversary. Distribution operations consists of 31 full-time employees, 20 brands, and 200 products. Randy Shanker named vice president of the company, providing fourth-generation of Shanker leadership.

Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing named Michigan “Distributor-of-the-Year” by Jones Soda Co. of Seattle, Wash.

Company celebrates 75th Anniversary. Snack foods made by Mike-Sells and On The Border added to brand portfolio. CDry Lansing and 32 full-time employees sell and deliver more than 500 products (50 brands) to 1,000+ customers in nine counties.  Small Business Association of Michigan "Communication Transformation" finalist. Sales have tripled in the last decade under Randy's leadership.

Delta Charter Township Business Partnership of the Year nominee.

Delta Charter Township Business Partnership of the Year nominee.

Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing proudly celebrates its 80th Anniversary.